PMC Volunteer Mentor Appreciation Luncheon 2016

With another successful year under the belt, July was a time for Prime Mentors of Canada to celebrate! On July 12th PMC gathered to celebrate the work of volunteer mentors during the 2015-2016 school year. As Program Director Barbara Worth and School Coordinator Murray Greenwood noted,

Prime Mentors of Canada appreciates the work that all of our Mentors do to support the creative development of their protégés.  Over a period of months you work side by side with students, making sure they are able to achieve their goals in developing their projects, and then supporting them through the presentation process.

The luncheon was a wonderful opportunity for volunteers to meet each other and to celebrate the work of their protégés. Not to mention, it was an opportunity to share our stories over a delicious meal at the elegant University of Toronto Faculty Club.

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