We Asked Our Scholarship Winners: What was the impact of receiving the PMC scholarship on you and/or your family?

Since the 2000/2001 school year, Prime Mentor of Canada has awarded scholarships to the most outstanding students upon the completion of their PMC project. Over the years, we’ve checked in with a few scholarship winners to ask them the question: What was the impact of receiving the PMC scholarship on you and/or your family?

Nasif, 2006/2007 scholarship winner: Receiving the PMC scholarship gave me confidence and encouragement so I could achieve this kind of achievement again… For my family and me it was a happy moment that I got the scholarship. It was also a sign for my family that I am capable of doing good. I am looking forward to achieve more goals.

Carly, 2001/2002 scholarship winner: I received the PMC scholarship when I was graduating from elementary school. At the time, I wasn’t the top student in my grade and lacked the confidence to believe that I could excel in high school. The scholarship encouraged me and provided the motivation to do well in high school… Furthermore, the PMC scholarship provided me with the reassurance that there would be a way to fund my post-secondary education… The generosity of the donors allowed me to witness firsthand a society giving back to younger generations… I would be honoured to sponsor a PMC scholarship for a student in the future.

Jannie, 2002/2003 scholarship winner: Receiving the PMC scholarship taught me that hard work and determination are important qualities to recognize in the process of obtaining a goal even though it may seem impossible to achieve. It has encouraged me to mentor and tutor others with the purpose of sharing the invaluable knowledge, which I have gained through the PMC mentoring program.

Jamuna, 2006/2007 scholarship winner: The PMC scholarship encouraged and motivated me to pursue post-secondary education.

Menal, 2006/2007 scholarship winner: The impact of receiving the PMC scholarship on me has been so amazing. It’s given me the confidence and encouragement to strive for more and work my best. It has been a huge financial help as secondary education can cost a lot of money.


To learn more about our scholarship winners, sponsor or donate towards a scholarship, or learn more about our program, please visit the Prime Mentors of Canada website. To read more from our scholarship winners, please subscribe to this blog!


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