Prime Mentors Community Building Project Grants – Highlights from Spring 2015!

During our annual Prime Mentors Youth Leadership Conference this year, participants were asked to consider ways that they could make a difference in their school communities. They are then asked to work with others in their schools, with the support of a staff member, and develop an action plan that has the potential to improve school life for students in the school. These projects are intended to be short term (completed during the spring term) and Prime Mentors of Canada awards up to $150 to fund each project.

Here are three highlights from the projects that were undertaken this spring!

Anti-Bullying Club
Two grade 6 girls proposed to address the problem of bullying at school. They started an anti-bullying club to encourage a core of committed students to take initiatives to stamp out bullying. Activity days and special assemblies were planned. The club provides a way to help students speak up about bullying issues and hence reduce the problem

Bagels & Business Experience
Two grade 6 boys noticed that students at their school often had lunches delivered late during lunchtime, resulting in little time to eat. They partnered with local restaurants to have bagels and cream cheese delivered on certain days which would be available for sale. The two boys gained business experience while providing a convenient lunch option for their schoolmates.

Bake Sale to Support Ronald McDonald House
Students at one school applied for a grant to fund a current project that involved organizing a bake sale to contribute to Ronald McDonald House. The money was used to purchase baking supplies. In addition to raising money for Ronald McDonald House, we’re sure the community enjoyed the homemade baked goods as well!

Please visit our website to learn more about other Prime Mentor of Canada initiatives or to donate.

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